Sunday, May 27, 2012

Samsung Global Blogger

Samsung is taking a few bloggers from all over the world to cover the Olympics in London this year. When I first submitted my video I must admit I wasn't very hopeful, I did it "just because", you know? Well, turns out the judges chose me to be one of the 20 finalists in my country and I have just submitted my challenge video, which will determine whether I'll win a spot to be their blogger or not.

It's "just" a contest, but it is kind of a big deal. I mean, it's a trip to London. With tickets to the Olympics. And a Samsung smartphone ;)
It's "just" a contest, but I've already lost a couple of nights sleep on this account, editing videos and getting feedback from friends - which by the way, helped me A LOT. From the first draft to the final official video there were SIX versions of the video, each of them adding something different, a little more color and spice.

I'm not overly confident for this because all 20 of us have great videos, but I am very happy with the result I got from mine. The challenge was to make a 30 second video about a sporting event in the area where I live. Instead of taking the obvious pick talking about any given sport, I took a chance and talked about a TV show on MTV Brazil - and that can go for or against my odds.

In this video I talk to a very sweet person who also happens to be a celebrity here in Brazil (won "Best Instrumentalist" award from MTV and Multishow for the past 3 years) and an awesome "athlete" for MTV's show.

Below is the "bloopers" video.

Also don't forget to go to Samsung Global Blogger's page and vote for me :)
Thank u!


  1. WOW!~ Congratulations, Liz!~ ^_^ ♥ I really wish you'll win this contest! :) Good luck!~ I'll vote for your video. :) *hugzzz*

    1. OHGOG!~ That guy is really cuuuute! ♥

    2. HAHAHA

      he is one of Brazil's biggest heartthrobs!!! a lot of girls love him here...

    3. I can see why! His boyish smile is really captivating!~ hrrrrr!~ If I was the one sitting next to him, I SWEAR!!! The possibilities would be unimaginable! hahahahaha Just kidding! xD

      But really, I wish you'd win! This is big time! xD

    4. hahahaha

      he really is a sweet guy. but he's not a boy, he's actually 38... isn't it awesome to be Asian? haha!

      thank u for rooting for me!!! <3

    5. ahahahaha It doesn't look like he's 38... OhGOG!~ Yes and YES!~ hahahaha ^_^

      No problem, sweetie!~ ♥

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  3. Hi Liz, all the best to you for Brazil! This guy is really cute btw (like Johnny Depp) and you are very photogenic!
    Malaysian Samsung Global Blogger Top 20:

    1. Hi Kim!

      Thank u for such a sweet comment!!! <3

      I am rooting for u and I have voted for u as well. Your video is awesome and hopefully we can meet in person in London! :)

      I will pass your message to "Japinha" - he's Brazil's heartthrob and a LOT of girls love him, but I don't think he's ever been compared to Johnny Depp! hehehe that's flattering to say the least ;)

  4. Hi, tOday they choose the winner! I'm from Italy, Simone :)

    1. Hey Tony!

      Thanks for the message!!! Your video is very funny! I love to see the kids exercising!!! <3

      Good luck to u!!! I will vote for you :)

  5. Congratulations on winning :) I'm a winner from Thailand and I hope to get to meet you in London :)