Thursday, February 2, 2012

Survival - part one

When we're kids living at mom and dad's we take so many things for granted. Paying bills is the main one, I'd say. It's pretty amazing how we think money just floats in and out of our lives, no effort needed - and of course, the bank account is bottomless.

But parents should also take credit for every other little things. I've been on my own for a while now, and been in and out of places, living with different people... and when you're single, you *really* are on your own. You have to pay for your own bills, make your own food or starve, clean up after yourself or live in a dirt hole. But married life brings things to a whole other level and - pardon my insensitivity - especially if you're a woman.

I'm not on my own anymore, I don't have to worry about cooking for myself, or cleaning up after my own mess... I actually have to cook for two, do 3 times as many laundry loads (yes, he gets more clothes dirty than I ever did!), collect all 5 half-empty glasses sitting on his desk, among other things.

I'm not complaining, even because there are so many bright sides to it (otherwise we wouldn't be in it, right?), but it's just hard sometimes. It's hard to keep up, it's hard to please, it's hard to cope... (how did my mom keep our house spotless for all those years???)
I do get help once a week, hired a housekeeper and so my house is clean ONE day each week. I usually try to plan guests to come over on that day.

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