Thursday, February 16, 2012

Survival - part two

I await, with much anticipation, the day my housekeeper is coming. That day is tomorrow. To me, it feels much like Christmas, and I receive the gift of a magically clean home.
The downside is that next week is Carnival week, and nobody works during Carnival in Brazil (as you all must know). Hubby is staying home, which means the house will get messy and dirty faster, and also... I'll have to cook.

I used to cook pretty much everyday up until a year ago, when he decided to go on a diet. Since he gets home kinda late, he decided not to eat dinner at home anymore, and he always has lunch at work as well. In the beginning it was frustrating going through the trouble of cooking a full meal and then it would just go bad for days in the refrigerator, so I just stopped cooking. And when I'm hungry I'll eat bread, scrambled eggs, fruits or sometimes - popcorn. Easy is good!

I don't usually do this, but today I just couldn't resist the temptation and I stocked up on frozen food. Two boxes of chicken nuggets, 2 boxes of veggie nuggets, french fries and polenta. I'm pretty sure we'll eat it up in 1 day but oh well. It's one day I won't need to cook.

So a couple of weeks ago hubby started watching a new show. It's pretty entertaining, but I wonder if I should take a hint from that...

Has anyone ever seen this? It's about this world-class chef that leads 12 aspiring cooks into becoming a top chef and managing their own restaurant. Pretty much the kitchen version of "The Apprentice", only more fun.
I recommend it, sometimes when I watch it I actually get some new ideas and inspiration for cooking. But only sometimes.

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