Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting ready!

Seems like this adventure started so long ago, but in fact, it's just starting NOW.
The thoughts of making the first intro video, the anxiety to make the challenge video... they're nothing compared to what's coming now! And at first I thought it was probably just a trip to London with random blog posts... but it's a bit more complex than that.

So the first group of the Samsung Global Bloggers arrived TODAY in London, and they have already been briefed on some of the activities, teamed up and given names to each team...
All these things just help build up more and more anxiety - I'm so excited for them!!! I have NO IDEA what are the activities they'll do and HOW they'll do it... but I'm happy and counting the days until it is my turn to go there and have to run around to get all the juicy good stuff to people and blog about it!

So make sure you follow me on my London2012 Olympic Games blog!!! New updates coming real soon!!!

Some of us bloggers... see me??? 

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